Mechanics Month March 2022

Mechanics Month Celebration

What will this year bring? For many, this year is about moving forward. An opportunity to pursue passions, forge new relationships, and experience new adventures. As we move closer to this year’s destinations, we thank the men and women who have never stopped moving us forward. Mechanics.

It's about time we give these mechanics some well deserved credit. That's why at Valvoline, we're celebrating Mechanics Month throughout the month of March and we’re encouraging you to join us in showing your appreciation. These men and women use oil, grease, a wealth of engine knowledge, and a lot of hard work to keep us on the road and on the job. When having a reliable vehicle is more important than ever, they’re the ones we trust.

So next time you’re in the shop, give your mechanic a handshake and a heartfelt thank you. Because whatever’s next, mechanics around the world help us get there.

Celebrating Mechanics in Australia

It's Mechancs' Month, where we are celebrating mechanics around the world.

To show our appreciation, Valvoline Australia will be running a Facebook competition with weekly Valvoline merch prizes up for grabs throughout the month of March. For more information on how you can get involved in Mechanics Month, stay tuned on our Facebook page:

To see the full terms and conditions of the Mechanics Month Facebook competition, click here.

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